[Developer's Notes] New Content 'Capital Takeover' & Upcoming Update in October (*Revised)


Hello, Commanders.

This is from Crossfire:Warzone.


We have heard that City Takeover is on fire in each server, and we would like to inform you of that the main of City Takeover, Capital Takeover which takes place in Capital Eternity, will begin in some servers!

For our Commanders to enjoy our new content, we are going to introduce the details of Capital Takeover and New Events coming!


[Capital Takeover]

In each server, field has been expanded based on Chronicle, and City Takeover has been in progress in Towns, Cities, and Capital as scheduled.

Through the upcoming update, scheduled to be done end of October, the period of first City Takeover will be decreased!

​ Change of city takeover time (Applied after update on October)

   ■ Town: 15 days after the server opens

   ■ City: 30 days after the server opens

   ■ Capital: 60 days after the server opens

Therefore, each server will have City Takeover earlier than before.

Capital Takeover will be in progress with the same rule as City Takeover applied  and all alliances can join!

However, please be aware of that it is required to occupy at least one or more Town/City to participate in City Takeover!

Capital Eternity is located in the center of the map and contains 4 Towers unlike as the other cities. It begins every 2week with 3 fixed schedules. Each City Takeover will be in progress for 2 hours.

● Saturday: 10:00~12:00/18:00 ~ 20:00 UTC, Sunday: 02:00~04:00 UTC

● Saturday: 11:00~ 01:00/19:00 ~ 21:00 UTC, Sunday: 03:00~05:00 UTC (*Revised)

Aside from the buff and rewards, special benefit will be given to the alliance leader.

The leader will be able to grant Titles to other Commanders!

Based on the title, various buffs & debuffs will be activcated.


Buff Effects 1

Buff Effects 2


 Leadership 8% increase

 HP 10% increase

 Architect of War

 All Unit's stat 5% increase


 Best Military Tactician

 Marching speed 20% increase


 Terror Hunter

 Terrorist Battle Resource Rewards 20% increase


 Director of Research

 Research time 10% decrease


 Legendary Builder

 Construction time 10% decrease


 Farming Landowner

 Resource production speed 30% increase



 All Unit's ability 5% decrease



 Marching speed 10% decrease



 Terrorist Battle Resource Rewards 10% decrease



 Research time 10% increase



 Construction time 10% increase



 Resource Production speed 20% decrease


Some of the titles will display the location of Commander, so it will make the competition against other alliance more interesting!

If you are willing to participate in Capital Takeover, carefully check out the details and benefits.

Please give us your constant support and participation!


And one more BIG News!

We will briefly let you know about the new content ‘Corps Invasion Defense’.


[ Corps Invasion Defense Coming Soon...]


Against DTB Corps, a huge terrorist group raiding on your base, Corps Invasion Defense content has been being prepared for our Commanders!

This is the event to defend against DTB Corps. If you succeed in defending with your alliance members, various rewards will be obtained!

DTB Corps will raid on you round by round, and you will have to defend them perfectly. Therefore, cooperation with your alliance members will be highly required!

We have been preparing the content, and we are going to notify you as soon as the content is completely prepared!


The contents introduced are subject to change depending on the circumstances of development.

“Corssfire:Warzone: will try our best to make all of our commanders satisfied with our contents.

Thank you.

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